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Chronic Illness Psychological Management

Chronic Illness Psychological Management

At Placid Therapy, we provide emotional care for individuals taking treatment or recovering from chronic illnesses. We ensure that you don’t just heal physically from the strains of illness and treatment but you are also able to attain maximum psychological functioning. As observed in research and general clinical processes, physical illnesses often have psychological consequences on patients. People dealing with chronic illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, acquired physical disabilities etc. usually grapple with a lot of emotional issues such as depression, anxiety, and trauma related symptoms but these emotional problems are mostly unattended to in regular health services. Placid Therapy has made available processes that help individuals going through such experiences to be able to get adequate help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How effective are online therapy services?

Online therapy services are very effective. The results are just the same as physical therapy. Online therapy also has the advantage of ease as you can get on with your sessions from any where you are and yet get the best care.

Is it possible to have assessments virtually?

Yes, assessments can be conducted virtually via phone and other online communication platforms. Your results can also be shared with you via online channels.

Do you handle psychotic conditions?

At Placid Therapy, we provide care for psychological issues. We also work with a team of mental health professionals who have the skills and expertise to handle psychotic conditions.

Do you have admission facilities?

Our services are designed to care for psychological issues. However, have relationship with certified and we'll equipped centers whom we can refer to.