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Substance Use Recovery Program

Substance Use Recovery Program

Life is full of challenges that test our resolves – from having a boring day, or being teased by friends to relieving a trauma. Many people try to cope with life issues by engaging in some habits that provide relief but often times the reliefs are temporary and the coping habits are maladaptive. A very prominent maladaptive coping mechanism is substance use. People engage in substance use to beat stress and other unpleasant experiences but substances soon become complex problems on their own. Thus, the intake of substances does not resolve the problem but instead becomes a problem too.  

Placid Therapy has created a comprehensive approach to helping individuals grappling with substance use problems. Our recovery programs ensure that clients are equipped with vital skills to make use of when recovering from substance use. Our objective is to make sure that other co-occurring problems that cause or maintain substances use behavior are resolved alongside in the comprehensive recovery program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How effective are online therapy services?

Online therapy services are very effective. The results are just the same as physical therapy. Online therapy also has the advantage of ease as you can get on with your sessions from any where you are and yet get the best care.

Is it possible to have assessments virtually?

Yes, assessments can be conducted virtually via phone and other online communication platforms. Your results can also be shared with you via online channels.

Do you handle psychotic conditions?

At Placid Therapy, we provide care for psychological issues. We also work with a team of mental health professionals who have the skills and expertise to handle psychotic conditions.

Do you have admission facilities?

Our services are designed to care for psychological issues. However, have relationship with certified and we'll equipped centers whom we can refer to.